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Imperva is a cyber security software and services company which provides protection to enterprise data and application software. The company is headquartered in San Mateo, California.

Rob F mentioned, "Imperva is WAY over-priced BLOATWARE, and their sales weasels are a bunch of lying scumbags who pull a bait & switch on almost everyone. Just expect to pay double whatever they promise, and don't expect a whole lot more than what you can get from CloudFlare for a 3rd of the price. What a total rip off!"


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Former Employee - Middle Management says

"Its like working in a combat zone."

Former Employee - Finance and Administration says

"It is an unbalanced job."

Current Employee - Senior Account Executive says

"New C-Level are totally inexperienced. The CEO is a first time CEO and out of her depth. The CCO and the CRO are clueless in the security space. All three are self serving, arrogant, and are creating a toxic, awful culture. Gone are the days of respect and good principles. The company is in a mess. Great talent are leaving in droves. Extremely TOXIC highly political place to work."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- CEO turnover - Engineering management is narrow-minded and adverse to change - The company is more concerned with EBITDA than internal sustainability - The bonus incentives depend on how the company does instead of individual contributions"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"First time CEO in over her head, Lacks strategic direction, Not an employee first culture"

Current Employee - Sales Representative says

"Lack of culture, execution is poor, no change to get promoted"

Former Employee - Customer Support Manager says

"Imperva is excellent at getting rid of talents and replace them with newbies who makes the worst decision bad for the company growth"

accounting (Former Employee) says

"Accounting manager control every SINGLE minute of my time (including washroom time). The whole team had no concept of what is right and what is wrong. I almost wanted to sue them, but then decided not to waste my precious time. Run as fast as you can.nonecrazy company with crazy staff"

Director (Current Employee) says

"Many nice people, the culture is fair, management likes to talk about the culture, but it is lacking in execution and does not care about employees. Each department is very different so find out which group you will work for."

Senior Manager, Marketing (Current Employee) says

"Stressful and management has its favorites that move with them. Like most technology companies, sales treated liked gods and everyone else not so much. Good products"

Collections Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I really loved working there until I sprang my ankle while walking at break with manager. When I took 2 days off(after the doctor wanted me off for 3 weeks) my manager let me go. Unfortunately I got this position through an agency. Later found out the manager that let me go was let go also.Good environment to work inLet go unfairly"

Product Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Pros: Company and products are good. Good for you to learn about security, firewalls, waf and related technologies. It's self-learning if you take initiative. Cons: -Management does not listen/care for employees. You are on your own, just doing your job. Nothing is done to help the engineers work less stress or more manageable (not even technical but also administrative point of view). -No proper training but training on the job. -Career progression is zero if you have different opinion with your boss. -Micromanagement even though the workload is already high. -Manager is only relaying what comes from the director, that's all he does. -Previous manager left recently for his own "interest" and new the current manager with less experience (technical and management skills) and bad work ethics is taking over also with his own "interest". -The churn rate of engineer is the highest that i have seen. They have not stopped hiring just to replace engineers that leave less than a year or months. It's still going on as of now. -All good people left"

Channel Sales Engineer (Former Employee) says

"This review has no bearing. I was laid off due to the company being purchased by a hedge fund. There really isnt anything to talk about. Have a wonderful day."

Senior Sales Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"Good company, with little opp to advance Great place with a boys culture 2 Managers to report to who were not on the same page with each other - hard to please both"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"There is so much turn over here. Management depends on department you are in and who new upper management is. Middle management was absolutely terrible after all the A players left a few years back. A few managers in HR are a little sketchy with ways they treat employees. The company means well but there are some real bad managers there that have been there a long time and need to be canned.Free lunches and commission isn't badMiddle management"

Account Executive I (Current Employee) says

"Enjoyable people. But for a company of this size, there are processes that shouldn't be a difficult as they are. Not much training at all, and most negatively, the quota and sales targets are absolutely unattainable for the inside sales team.people, benefitsProcesses, commission, training"

Customer Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"Typical work day consist of answering customer calls, assigning cases to engineers, processing RMa of defective appliances and parts. Performing upgrade on customer systems. Processing customer access to Portal and FTP account.Free lunches, Good peer cultureVery high paced, No room for advancement"

Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"There's been changes to the management team which has caused a ripple effect. The culture is changing quickly, making it less enjoyable to go to work. I use to recruit my friends to come work with me all the time, but not anymore. Get out, quickly."

Sr. Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Financially rewarding position based on performance. High energy growth company mentality. Good Management team always willing to help with customer meetings, internal issues, etc.FlexibilityNot much inbound" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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